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    Welcome to A Grande Solution, Inc. We are a small, award winning business servicing the St. Paul and east Minneapolis areas since 1993. We are committed to providing quality services and to using the safest cleaning products available. As an alternative to working with the irritating fumes of many cleaning products, we use non-toxic cleaning solutions, several of which are home made.We will work with you to tailor a plan that will meet your specific cleaning and budgetary needs.

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    HOME CLEANINGS! Our Passion!

    • We will work with you to develop a plan that is personalized to your specific cleaning and budgetary needs. Looking for that perfect gift? Gift certificates are available!
    • In addition to “maintenance” and one-time cleanings, we have extensive experience with move-out cleanings.
    • Customer service is paramount to A Grande Solution, Inc.  We guarantee our work.  If you are dissatisfied with an area that we have cleaned we will cheerfully return the next day to re-clean.
    • We come to your home prepared!  We bring all of the necessary cleaning solutions and equipment.  Do you have a product of your own that you want us to use?  We are happy to comply.
    • We want to do what we do best—CLEAN!  Please help us to do our best for you by picking up odd-and-ends, such as toys and articles of clothing before we arrive.

    About Our Crew

    All of our employees receive a thorough background check. They all have strong English speaking skills and are non-smokers.


    Did you know that one of the main sources of toxicity in your home may actually be stored underneath your kitchen sink? An estimated two-five million exposures to household poisons occur every year, with a significant number of them involving household cleaners. Commercial cleaning products are not required to list all of their ingredients. Using harsh chemicals may seem easier but it can actually create problems for your family, your pets and our planet.


    Several of our cleaning products have natural disinfecting properties. Lemons and lavender are naturally great cleaners and we use them in essential oil form. Lemongrass oil as a lovely, fresh scent that is not overpowering and it is a perfect ingredient for use in bathroom cleaning. We rely on a variety of resources for creating these “recipes”, including the Women’s Cancer Resource Center and Clean House, Clean Planet, authored by Karen Logan.

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  • What Our Clients Say

    “This is by far the happiest I have ever been with any cleaning service, and I am a picky customer. They are always here on schedule and are receptive to my special requests. They are very trustworthy, reliable, and they do an outstanding job.”




    “Wonderful experience! I spoke with the owner at length about what I needed. She asked great questions and was very organized. They got me right in. I left instructions and they were followed perfectly. I’m a tough customer, and my house looked great.”

    “Suzanne and her crew were a joy to have in my home. Suzanne was prompt returning my emails and in answering my questions. She made it comfortable to arrive at a win-win situation with my budget and cleaning needs. The two gentlemen that worked with her were hardworking and polite. I was very happy with the work that they did."

  • Why Us?

    We always strive for the best.

    Why we are unique

    Although we use green-cleaning products, we recognize that sensitivity to scent is problematic for people. We have addressed this challenge by offering unscented cleaners derived from a combination of seeweed and soybean extracts.


    As an additional option to our clients with scent sensitivities, we offer a steam-cleaning method that is safe and effective. It is a proven way to kill bacteria in both kitchens and bathrooms without the use of chemicals.



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    Contact us at: Suzieb6@Comcast.net or Call: 651-399-7268


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